Cat Mario Unblocked Game

cat mario is a single player 2-D hardcore adventure game. It is related to mario series. cat mario a very hard and tremendous addictive flash game just for creative peoples. This is an awesome flash game by mario brothers. Cat Mario is also known as syobon action.
cat mario
Many peoples are thinking that why this game called cat mario so let me tell you a little introduction. When me and some of my friends are playing this game in my home for testing our skills that how much we can clear in one time so we all failed reason this was too much hard for us and one of my friend says man it not fair this game is totally unfair. One of a big reason due to this game called unfair because of it's too much booby traps.
cat mario Wiki
cat mario is a flash game created by Faiq Baig in 2012. It's a single player 2-D adventure game. It is a mario game series but this is the hardest game ever by mario brothers. The life of cat mario is infinite. Faiq Baig Design this game just like other mario series.
Reviews Of cat mario
People Vote cat mario 5/4. They can categorically divide positive and negative features of this game as follow.
Positive Features
The best thing is the game play style of it's character is really good. This sound of this game is awesome and really match with game stages and cartoon. It is so much difficult game but people also love this game a lot because of it features and it's unfair things and difficulty.
This control of this game is pretty easy and you can handle you character easily. You don't need to surf you brain on other keys you just need 4 keys to handle your character UP DOWN LEFT and RIGHT.
Negative Features
The first thing which one i hate first is the speed of game which one i hate the most and this second thing i hate the most is graphics of the game are not as cool as other series of mario.
Difficulty of cat mario
Peoples are challenging that no one can clear one stage in one time. With unfair stages and unfair traps you can't clear this game in one time. Many of peoples are too much angry on this game but they also love to play this game.

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